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Strict compliance with legal provisions and customer specifications underlies all our work. By decontaminating machines, correctly disposing of hazardous substances and recovering systems, we make an active contribution towards protecting our natural resources and the environment as a whole.

Safety, health, environmental protection and quality

We follow these basic principles:

  • We are a learning organisation whose employees are sufficiently well trained and informed in matters regarding safety, health, environmental protection and quality so that they have the expertise necessary to carry out their work and to commit to acting in accordance with our company philosophy.
  • We always comply with all laws, regulations and operating licences in all our work.
  • We implement our philosophy regarding safety, health, environmental protection and quality with the aid of suitable management systems. These are regularly reviewed, any necessary improvements are made and our improvement programmes are checked to ensure their sustainability.
  • Through our preventative approach, we strive to achieve our goal of zero injuries, zero occupational illnesses, zero environmental emissions, zero waste and zero quality defects.
  • We set goals and implement improvement programmes in the fields of safety, health, environmental protection and quality and hold annual reviews of the progress made.
  • We analyse the influence of all our existing procedures and work processes on our staff, on the environment and on our technical services.
  • When making new investments, we make use of the best available technology, where this is possible within acceptable costs, and develop services that are inherently safe.
  • If, in the past, conditions arose that must be rectified, we do this in a responsible, conscientious way.
  • We use fossil fuels, raw materials, water and other natural resources economically. We keep our impact on the environment low through the use of routine inspections of our selection of raw materials, through reuse and recycling, through our efforts to achieve zero waste at the source and through trying to avoid after-treatment and disposal. We make agreements with our customers.
  • We ensure that all products and by-products that we purchase are produced, handled, used and disposed of in a safe, environmentally friendly manner, to the extent that we can monitor and significantly influence this.
  • We maintain an open dialogue with our staff, customers and all other involved parties with regards to quality, safety, health and environmental protection, while taking into account the services we provide at the workplace. We listen to complaints from our customers, staff, contractors and the public, implement all necessary corrective measures and inform our staff about our environmental programme and the goals we have met.
  • We and our customers are prepared in the event of an emergency.
  • We investigate all incidents that could have unwanted consequences such as illness, injury, environmental damage, noticeable effects on the community, considerable destruction of property, interruptions to business or an impact on the quality of our services, to determine the cause of the incident; we suggest improvements and share an incident report with everyone who may derive a benefit from the recommendations made.
  • We attentively observe the basic principles and objectives that lead to the results we achieve in terms of safety, health, environmental protection and quality. The findings derived from these are also used as important criteria for the selection or rejection of our sub-contractors and personnel leasing companies.

Permatech Industrie-Service GmbH

  • SCC** certification (Safety Certificate for Contractors)
  • Asbestos removal and disposal according to TRGS (German Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances Section 519 and Section 521 for artificial mineral fibres)
  • Asbestos removal according to EKAS (Swiss Federal Coordination Committee for Occupational Safety) regulation 6503 from SUVA Lucerne (Switzerland)
  • Environmental industrial services